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My name is Angela Kent and I'm a Yorkshire lass born and bred!

Even though I grew up in Yorkshire, you'll be able to tell from my photographs that Scotland is where I feel particularly at home.  There's something about the remoteness and the rugged landscape that is very appealing to me.  I like the fact that there are still wild places only a stone's throw away from our hectic everyday lives.

Photography has been my passion for as long as I can remember - certainly since I was old enough to hold a camera and point it in the right direction!  I love capturing a moment in time and preserving the memory.  A photograph can transport you back to the moment and conjure up the sights, sounds, scents and feelings associated with a place which touched or inspired you. 

The purpose of this site is just for me to share some of my photographs with you.  I don't profess to have any technical expertise, and am certainly not a professional photographer - I'm just an enthusiastic amateur!  It just seems a shame to take all these photographs and nobody else ever see them.

I hope you enjoy browsing through the galleries and feel inspired to visit some of the places featured or pick up your own camera and capture memories of your own.



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